i can sit here and watch him play his guitar forever. he’s home to me.
I’m home.



Can’t wait for it to rain so I can smoke and stare out the window, watching the trails I exhale get whisked away by the deafening silence of Mother Nature’s tears and deep breathing.


This is for you. I can’t help but lay in bed, and think about everything we’ve accomplished so far together. Every laugh or smile we’ve made while our fingers entwined. How many ideas we’ve come up with, all the promises we’ve made and swore to never break with a pink swear, thumb and kiss included… (It’s our little thing). The love we make, it’s so real. How could I ever be without something so wonderful and everlasting, oh…I cant, I won’t be without you. There can’t be a me without you, and I would never want to imagine a you without me, there would be no air for me to breath, there would be no sunlight after the storm, no salt to my ocean. I may not be perfect, I may have my bent limbs and overwhelming roots, the drive even you to your ends. But I would never want to imagine a day on this earth without you by my side. I will protect you and be your armor forever if you promise the same. If you promise that you will fight for me, you will cry and laugh for me, that you won’t lose hope in our love. You will love and cherish the moments that we share together, even the moments that we catch one another drifting into a “dead fish” like rest. You can’t help but just stare into pure beauty. Knowing that they are safe, they are safe because they know that you are by there side. I never want you to lose your safety, your comfortability, your undivided trust in me. I will never hurt you, I will never bring you down. I will only encourage whatever passions you are yearning for. I am here for you, and only you. You are my heart beat, you are the rhythm in my step, you are my HERO. You are more to me than love, you will be loved by me for ever, and that’s a promise.